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Keller Williams’ 20th official album release, Vape, finds the prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist offering up 10 original tracks -­- some road tested and some brand new. With a hugely successful career spanning two decades under his belt, the music on Vape somehow finds Keller more confident delivering his signature, often off-­-the-­-wall storytelling. Backed by a variety of fellow musicians including Samson Grisman/bass, John Kadlecik/guitar, Ronnie McCoury/mandolin, Rob McCoury/banjo, Alan Bartram/bass, Jason Carter/fiddle and others -­- Keller’s playing has never been more precise and versatile.

VAPE SHOP (Blue Gradient) Flutter Feather Banner Flag Kit (Flag, Pole, & Ground Mt)

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– Comes with everything you need to mount your flag in the ground.
– Partial-sleeve design allows the top part of the flag to flutter in the wind – like a real flag.
– Huge 11.5 foot tall flag!
– Knit polyester for long life.
– Bright colors to attract attention.
– Bold lettering gets your message out.
– Stong Hybrid Pole fits any of our flag sizes and designs.
– Includes a powder-coated heavy ground mount stake that is invisible when the pole is placed over the top.
– Quick and easy installation


Flag color can differ from what you see on the screen since each screen represents colors somewhat differently. Also sleeve color as well as image colors can change from one printing to another.
Flag Life –We expect flag life to be from 3-5 months, after that you may want to replace your flag due to wear and/or fading. Life expectancy depends on weather conditions, handling and placement of flags. Bringing them in at night extends flag life.
– Flag is “back side reverse” -printed on one side with 75-90% bleed-through on the reverse depending on color.
Machine Printed – Because they are machine printed please expect some variation in color in areas. These are most notable on the reverse.
Shading –The flag is designed to be viewed at a distance. Some designs have black shading that looks like it could be bad printing when viewed up close. These are a purposeful part of the design and not printing errors.
Not all cities allows this type of advertising. Please check with your local government agencies before purchasing.

Warranty: There is no expressed warranty for feather flags except for manufacturer defects. A Feather Banner Flag is an outdoor advert