Halcyon T.TM Vaporizer/Atomizer RDA Modification Essential Tool Set: Tweezers, Cotton Shears, 2-in-1 Ohm/Voltage Meter, Pliers, Wire Cutters, Phillips and Flathead Mini Screwdrivers, 1-4mm Coil Jig, and Bamboo Working Mat

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Halcyon Technologies brings you all the required tools in one kit!

– Your kit includes all the necessary tools you’ll need for modifying your atomizer/vape!

– Perfect for those who are just starting out with modifying or maintaining their vaporizer, or who want to get dedicated tools for theirs.

Contains the Essential Tools:

– 2-in-1 OHM/Voltage Reader – know exactly how what your RDA’s resistance and voltage.

– Two pairs of tweezers: both flush and angled tweezers.

– Wire cutters and needle nose pliers for working with wire.

– Sharp cotton shears, cuts cleanly through Japanese organic cotton without fray.

– Bamboo mat for rebuilding work: contains accidential juice spills.

– Modular coil winder: holds all four sizes (1-4mm)

– Two small screwdrivers (phillips and flathead): perfect for mod use.

– Carrying Case: Washable cloth tool pouch with additional pouches and pockets for other tools and accessories (such as wire spools and your RDA itself).

We listen to your feedback and suggestions!

– This is our new and improved tool kit, complete with revisions based on our Amazon reviews & emails! The following are the upgrades we’ve included.

– We’ve replaced the previous screwdriver that was too large for most RDAs with two screwdrivers of a more appropriate size.

– We’ve replaced the previous wire cutters with the wire cutter style most highly recommended by our reviewers.

– Our needle nose pliers now come with smooth grips instead of the previously serrated ones, in order to grip kanthal wire better.