LorAnn Hard Candy Flavoring Oils 10 Pack YOU PICK THE FLAVORS

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PLEASE SEND YOUR LIST OF FLAVORS BY USING THE “CONTACT SELLER” FEATURE ON AMAZON AFTER PURCHASE. If you do not send a list of your flavors within 1 day we will send you an assortment. The flavors we offer: Almond-Amaretto-Anise oil-Apple-Apricot – Banana Cream-Bavarian Cream-Blackberry-Black Walnut–Blueberry-Brandy-Bubble Gum-Butter-Butter Rum-Buttered Popcorn-Butterscotch-Caramel-Champagne/Sparkling Wine-Cheesecake-Cherry-Chocolate-Chocolate Hazelnut-Cinnamon oil-Cinnamon Roll-Clove oil-Coconut-Coffee-Cola-Cotton Candy-Cranberry-Cran Raspberry-Cream De Menthe-Egg Nog-English Toffee-Grape-Green Apple-Horehound-Keoke-Key Lime-Lemon oil-Lemonade-Licorice-Lime oil-Mango-Maple-Marshmallow-Melon-Mint Chocolate Chip-Orange Cream–Orange oil-Peach-Peanut Butter-Pear-Pecan-Peppermint oil-Pina Colada-Pineapple-Pistachio-Pomegranate-Praline Cream-Raspberry-Red Licorice-Root Beer-Sassafras-Spearmint oil-Strawberry-Strawberry Kiwi-Tangerine oil-Tropical Punch-Tutti Frutti-Vanilla Butternut-Watermelon-Wintergreen PLEASE SEND A LIST OF YOUR FLAVORS BY USING THE “CONTACT SELLER” FEATURE ON AMAZON AFTER PURCHASE.

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